"If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me;
and where I am, there My servant will be also;
if anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him."
-John 12:26


When the word “steward” is used in the Bible, it refers to one who cares for the vineyard, livestock, or property of another, nurturing it to yield with increase. When Jesus uses the word, he is helping his disciples (those who are learning his ways) to understand that our lives, our talents and abilities, our financial resources, everything we value, all is given to us by God in trust.

God trusts that we will care for these gifts, but also something more: Jesus tells us that God’s way of caring is sharing. God’s way of sharing is in sacrifice. To “sacrifice” is to offer something of value to God, making it holy. We are called to take our talents and multiply them, to shine Christ’s light brightly and to use our resources to care for one another. Jesus himself is the model of such stewardship. He sacrifices himself wholly and freely, never holding back.


How we use our time says much about what we
value and where our priorities are. Time for God, family, for others, for ourselves: when all are balanced well, we feel our lives are in order. If one element of our use of time falls out of balance, life seems unmanageable and out of sorts. Are you being a good steward of the minutes, hours, days, months and years that God is giving you?


 “What do you own, and what owns you?”
Jesus often teaches about the good use of financial and material resources, and he illustrates the negative impact of hoarding and being weighed down by money.
The biblical principle of tithing, of offering at least 10 percent of one’s treasure to church and charity helps us to use our money in a way that keeps God first, as a sign of our gratitude to God for all we’ve been given. Tithing means to give not what is leftover, but rather to give to God first, as a sign of our love and trust. Those who have made this commitment will tell you that such a promise has made a wonderful impact in their lives; their priorities are clearer, their lives richer in ways that truly matter. Being a good steward of one’s  financial and material resources is about more than 10 percent, however. What do you do with the other 90 percent? Are you a good steward of all you have? 


A talent is an innate way of interacting with the people and situations in our lives. Each of us has skills that come easy, gifts that we recognize or that others see in us. In using our talents, we find ourselves filed with energy and joy. In fact, some of our greatest talents may be so much a part of us that we take these gifts for granted. We can develop our talents and abilities throughout our lives, using and offering them as a sign of Christ's Presence with and for others. 

What Our Volunteers Say

Matthew Allen

For me, serving as a leader with Youth Ministry and Alpha has been a pivotal part of my involvement with the church.  Being part of the church is a community and brings me
closer to God.  
Without being in a community my life had less purpose. 

Debby Estvanko

I am a member of the society of
St. Vincent de Paul. Since being a member I have grown much closer to our Lord, made lots of new friends, and learned to serve our community showing God’s love for His people through service acts, such as, feeding the poor at Thanksgiving, making food boxes and bags, making home visits, delivering furniture, and so much more. It is a very fulfilling ministry being God’s hands on this earth.

Alexandra Blanco

Serving in youth ministry has led me to learn the beauty of each person I encounter and to love them for who God has created them be. Serving has truly changed my life to understand what it means to love one another.

Lisa Trujillo

I take my role as lector very seriously knowing that I am speaking Gods word to the church. I truly feel like I belong to the church and this makes me a better servant. Best thing I ever did was take the steps necessary to become a lector at
St. Thomas Aquinas!

Safe Environment

Creating a safe environment for children and young people is a our priority.  We are dedicated to ensuring a culture of safe and respectful conduct in ALL ministries and enhancing and protecting the dignity and trust of all God’s people.

We hold all Church Clergy, Religious, and Lay Ministers to Christ-centered conduct.
Appropriate training is how everyone will best be able to recognize, respond, and report abuse, neglect, and /or sexual misconduct of all ages.

As a result of this priority, every employee & volunteer must:
  • Complete Adult Safe Environment Training every 5 years
  • Have a criminal background check
  • Complete a Volunteer Ministry Application

Serve at St. Thomas Aquinas

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.

Service.  That word that evokes a wide range of thoughts.  Whether it’s the speed with which our morning coffee is delivered or the quality of our internet connection we often hear of good or bad “service.”  But service is something much more than these surface level acts or public utilities,
it is what we are called to do for others out of the charity in our own hearts for our fellow man and the Kingdom of God.

 Many serve through the priesthood or other religious callings, and to those men and women we as Catholics are eternally grateful,
but laymen are also called to serve the Church, just as the Church is called to serve Christ. 

Volunteer FAQ

How do I Volunteer?

We are so happy to hear that you feel God tugging on your heart to volunteer.  The first step is to complete the Safe Environment training (the link is above).  Then the next step is to fill out the Volunteer application form. 

How do I work with the Needy?

St. Vincent De Paul Society is our major outreach to those in need.  Complete the Safe Enviorment training and the application form and we will get you in touch with them.

How do I volunteer with music?

Our Liturgies are enhanced by the musical support team. Some Masses have a more ‘quiet’ feel and the congregational singing may be supported by a cantor with no accompaniment.  Others may have a large choir or a contemporary praise and worship band.  We are looking for many talented singers and musicians with experience in different genres of music.  

Please complete the safe environment training and the Volunteer application form and our Liturgy Director will be getting back with you.