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Teen Testimonies from \"New Fire\" Confirmation Retreat
by Dcn. Ed Leyba on November 11th, 2021
What do the Teens say about the Confirmation Retreat?As Core, many times we look upon an event that we helped plan and execute and jump to the conclusion that it was a great event.  It's important for us (Core, & Parents) to actually hear what the teens thought and then over the coming weeks to discern the fruits that come from the event.  Below are what some of the teens thought of the Confirmati...  Read More
Interviews | Events | Sacraments
by Dcn. Ed Leyba on November 3rd, 2021
November!!  This year is flying by, the weather has been so nice outside and the colors are awesome.As we Get ready for the holidays, lets not forget a few things.Everything that we do in youth ministry is done to support your teens growth in the faith.  We do not do things just to do them!InterviewsAll teens during the months of November and December will need to accomplish their Mid-Year Intervi...  Read More
Fall Session Starts Soon!
by Dcn. Ed Leyba on August 17th, 2021
WoW !! Our Summer Nights series has come to an end this past weekend. We will have a small break until our Fall Session Starts. We have so many great things planned, find out now.....  Read More
Spring Update Youth Ministry
by Dcn. Ed Leyba on April 18th, 2021
Time for a spring update.......In this message we will cover the following... (so you can drop down to the section that you need)General updates on what we have in the works or planningPurpose - Confirmation for May 2021JCore Applications are openThose entering Purpose Confirmation Prep in the Fall of 2021Class of 2021 Graduation Mass and Life NightSummer Events 7. Fall 2021General UpdatesSo many ...  Read More
We Start in 1 week - Important Updates
by Dcn. Ed Leyba on September 1st, 2020
Never thought I would be a Homeschooling Teacher.. Yesterday, I was holding my granddaughter as I was trying to work from home and assisting my youngest daughter with online classes. In the background my grandson is running around the house getting ready for online classes while my middle daughter started College (you guessed it, it was online too)  Read More