We Start in 1 week - Important Updates

Never thought I would be a homeschooling teacher...

Yesterday, I was holding my granddaughter as I was trying to work from home and assisting my youngest daughter with online classes.  In the background my grandson is running around the house getting ready for online classes while my middle daughter started College (you guessed it, it was online too)

Trying to stay up to speed with all the online learning and different logins etc etc.. is very stressing while also maintaining a house can and sometimes be overwhelming.  So, Why am I telling you this?

Cuz, I want you to know that we are right there in the same chaos of life right now. We have the same stresses, family issues & work issues that you have and we know that together with Gods grace we can get through these times.  

With that being said we are trying to make it as easy and stress-free for you and your teen to be in youth ministry this year.  We know that everything is constantly changing so we are making it easy to find the information that you need.

Stay informed by:
  • Downloading the STA App for IOS and Android
  • Setup the app to receive messages
  • Follow us / subscribe to our Social Media Pages
  • All this can be found at https://www.stanm.org/ym-welcome

Everything that we do is with your teen in mind and has a purpose to bring them closer to Christ. So, Encourage them to attend.  The more they participate and put into  it the more they will get out of it.  
Online or In-Person?  That is the Question....

Now is the time to select how your teen is going to be attending Life Teen!
Fill out the form at https://form.jotform.com/202433939619058
The Calendar for all of Life Teen Sessions is online and in the app.
Start date is:Parent and Teen Orientation
Sunday Sept 13, 2020 at 7pmOnline and In-Person
The app will contain the link for Online attendance.Quick note:  Life Teen is for all teens in grades 9-12, Confirmed or Not.  Every teen in high school should be enrolled.

Online or In-Person? Have you done your Pre-Interview? Baptism Certificate?
You and your teen should be working on 2 assignments right now.
  • The Pre Interview is due Sept 14  BUT we cant assign them to a class until this is done.
  • Baptism Certificates are due Oct 5, 2020.
All work can be turned in via the STA App.  
Go to Grow>High School>Purpose>Confirmation 2021

First day of Class and Entrance Ceremony is Tuesday Sept 8, 2020 at 7pm.
Parents AND Teens need to attend either online or in-person.

Online Link will be in the app.

Please Remember that this is a new year, with new requirements.  Things that we required in the passed may not be required this year.  All information will be given at the First day of Class and the Entrance Ceremony.

All Dates are loaded to the Calendar in the STA App
Summit Will be starting Sept 30, 2020 - more information to follow
We need Volunteers for the 6pm Mass!

Parents and teens do you have a desire to give back!  Now is the time!  Reply back and we will get you involved in Helping others come closer to Christ.  We will provide the training if necessary and help you.

Remember you dont need to be perfect or the strongest person in your faith, if you have the urge that is God calling you!  Answer his Call dont ghost Him.

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