Memo from Msgr. Raun- Tuesday March 30th, 2021
on April 3rd, 2021
My dear family,On Palm Sunday we had 1,470 people inside the church for the Masses, plus the people who received Holy Communion outside. This is the biggest attendance we have had since the first quarantine! Your pastor had tears in his eyes seeing all of you at Holy Mass.As you know, unfortunately, Sandoval County is still a "yellow" county under the State Covid rating system. So we can only have...  Read More
Memo from Msgr. Raun- Tuesday March 23rd, 2021
on March 26th, 2021
My dear family,We look forward to the great events of our salvation that we celebrate in Holy Week - the great time of grace that we are given each year.This week we have a beautiful feast day on Thursday, March 25 - the Annunciation. Exactly nine months before Christmas, we celebrate when our Lady agreed to be the Mother of God, and our Lord Jesus Christ was conceived in her womb.Every Sunday we ...  Read More
Memo from Msgr. Raun- Tuesday March 16th, 2021
on March 19th, 2021
My dear family,We had another fine weekend in the parish, with very good attendance at all the Masses except for 7 am (and with Daylight Savings Time that is understandable!)On Friday of this week is the Feast of St. Joseph. I'm sure many of you remember that the Holy Father has dedicated this year in honor of the great Guardian of the Holy Family.This Sunday we begin Passiontide, those final two ...  Read More
Memo from Msgr. Raun- Tuesday March 9th, 2021
on March 10th, 2021
My dear family,Not a lot to report this week. We had the best attendance yet on a Sunday this past weekend since Covid struck. That made me very happy. Thank God that the virus numbers keep going down. Pray that Sandoval County soon moves into the State's "Green" category - then we can open up more of the church for seating.LENTEN CONFESSIONS: Beloved, your priests will hear confessions until the ...  Read More
Memo from Msgr. Raun- Tuesday March 2nd, 2021
on March 3rd, 2021
My dear family,We continue to thank God for the fall in the new number of COVID cases. May it be the beginning of the end! In the meantime, I'm so happy at the large numbers we are seeing of people returning to public worship. And yesterday we had 130 joining in Zoom small groups after the Lenten Scripture teaching... And my tulips are poking their heads above the ground. Spring must be coming!WHE...  Read More
Memo from Msgr. Raun- Tuesday February 23rd, 2021
on February 24th, 2021
My dear family,Praised be Jesus Christ. We thank almighty God at the guardedly optimistic news we are hearing about the decline in COVID cases, and from this news we are making two changes:EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS AND USHERS OVER 60, if they have received both COVID vaccine shots, may ask their Heads of Ministry to be placed upon the schedule once again.DISINFECTING THE CHURCH: we have learned much a...  Read More
Memo from Msgr. Raun- Tuesday February 16th, 2021
on February 19th, 2021
My dear family,Looking out the window, I don't know if I should wish you Happy Marti Gras or Merry Christmas! But no matter what, it is the day before the Holy Fast of Lent, and we want to get ready for this special season of grace.ASH WEDNESDAY - Feb. 17thFASTING AND ABSTINENCEAsh Wednesday is a day of fasting (only one meal: binding on everyone under pain of sin ages 18-59) and of abstinence fro...  Read More
Memo from Msgr. Raun - Tuesday, February 9th, 2021
on February 10th, 2021
My dear family,A good day to you all!LOOKING AHEAD TO LENT: ASH WEDNESDAY - Feb. 17th:Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting (only one meal: binding on everyone under pain of sin ages 18-59) and of abstinence from eating meat (the flesh of any warm-blooded animal, binding under pain of sin for all those who have reached the age of reason). On Ash Wednesday we will have services every hour on the hour f...  Read More
Memo from Msgr. Raun- Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021
on February 7th, 2021
My dear family,A blessed day to you all! Today is the 40th day after Christmas, the feast of the Presentation of our Lord in the Temple (normally called Candlemas Day, because we bless candles today - because Simenon said this day that the baby Jesus would be "a light to the nations").UPDATE ON FATHER YOUNG: Father is doing better and getting stronger every day. It's a joy for me to once again liv...  Read More
Memo from Msgr. Raun - Wednesday, January 27th, 2021
on January 27th, 2021
My dear family,Hi, everyone!  I'm back! I had a pleasant few days away, and now I'm ready to tackle getting ready for Lent (it's just three weeks away from tomorrow!)UPDATE ON FATHER YOUNG: Last Sunday, Father Young came home from the rehab hospital and is now staying with us other priests at the Rectory. He has made amazing improvement but is still very weak and will need to continue with physica...  Read More
Memo from Msgr. Raun - Sunday, January 10th, 2021
on January 11th, 2021
My dear family,Hi, everyone!  I hope the New Year is going good for you. Just a few updates:YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CHRISTMAS SIGN DOWN. Many thanks to you who put up your Christmas Evangelization sign. Now is the time to take them down. Perhaps you can store it with your Christmas stuff and use it next year.UPDATE ON FATHER YOUNG: I talk to Father on a regular basis. He is making sure if slow progress ...  Read More
Memo from Msgr. Raun- Wednesday December 30th, 2020
on December 30th, 2020
My dear family,Hi, everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I know everyone is looking forward to a better New Year! Here are some updates on parish life.JANUARY 1st, THE FEAST OF THE MOTHER OF GOD. Of course this is normally a Holy Day of Obligation, but because of the pandemic we are dispensed (excused) from the obligation.The schedule will be:Thursday, Dec. 316 pm - Vigil MassFrida...  Read More