Reaching Teens


Across the nation, parishes are struggling. Some have been forced to close their doors forever. Others are dwindling as an aging generation clings to the past, with no hope for the Future.

At St. Thomas, we know there is Hope!  We have a vision to transform youth ministry and reach teens for Jesus.  As a result, teens have taken up the mantle of faith and brought vibrancy and vitality back to the parish.  The have stood firm in truth despite the shifting sands of the culture.  They are pumping Life into the Church.

Reaching Teens

In many ways, teens today are more receptive to the Gospel than ever

They are chronically lonely, despite the fact that they are more digitally connected than any pervious generation.  They have access to more information, more temptation, more advertising than ever before.  They crave authenticity and truth in a world of marketing and Identity crafting-but they dont know where to find it.

St. Thomas Aquinas works to reach teens where they are-at school, on sports fields, in the music studio, or on Snapchat.  We engage them through diverse events targeted to resonate with their lives.  We strive to ensure that each young person is seen and heard for who they are, and we walk alongside them as they experience life, day in and day out.

And as we walk with them, we walk them to the table of the altar.  We walk them into the arms of Jesus.

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Give, so teens can encounter Christ

One of the easiest ways that everyone can help is to pray for St.Thomas Aquinas Youth Ministry.  After all this is God’s Ministry.  Everything we do is because of Him, the numbers, the conversions, the Joy, the fun is all from him.

Dedicate time every day to pray for us! Pray the Rosary for the teens of the parish, Pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament, however you want just make it part of your daily routine to pray.  Don’t forget to pray not only for the teens but also for their leaders (Core Team).

Feeding Teens for a year : $5,000.00

Ever notice at a party everyone naturally moves to the kitchen to talk around the food.  The same with youth ministry we gather and spend time together around food.  Teens are always hungry and so we share food to enable them to share their lives and experience.  Just think about how many stories there are around Jesus eating with others.

We are also aware that not every teen has access to a hot meal during non-school hours. This is why we try to offer food at every function.  Sometimes we need to fill their stomachs before their souls.

Sending 20 Teens to a 1 Week Catholic Summer Camp $25,000

We are created for great things. We are meant to live with a joy that penetrates the darkness of this world. We desire more from our relationships and experiences. We want to live a bold life. We crave a love that will never leave us. We are meant to experience life.

Summer camp is an incredible opportunity to bring teens into an incredible experience of life. Summer camp is where high school teens are able to be free and confident in themselves, develop new friendships with other teens from your parish, and encounter God working in their lives. This is the summer that they begin to experience a bigger and better life than you ever thought possible.

50 Teens to Steubenville West Catholic Conference $15,000

Teens experience the Larger Church by getting 4,000 Catholic teens in a room. It is high energy and add Jesus and it is an overwhelming atmosphere feeling of Joy and gratitude, that is infectious.

With an exciting lineup of speakers, musicians, and presenters, this conference will challenge Catholic teens to not just learn about the Holy Spirit, but to get to know Him as the living presence of God in our lives. We will get to contemplate the amazing love of Jesus and how He willingly gave up His throne in heaven in order to become a man.

But this is not a Concert or a standup comedy show (it is entertaining, funny, and Humorous. There is Singing and Dance too). It is about the teens relationship to the Trinitarian God and accepting his invitation to be with him.

10 Missionaries to Haiti: $21,500

St Thomas Aquinas Missionaries will work with the full-time Life Teen missionaries at the JP2 Center for the New Evangelization. No two days look the same in Haiti, but the mission always remains constant: lead teens closer to Christ. Every day starts with Holy hour, Morning Prayer and Mass. There are opportunities for work projects, home visits, and events for Local teens.

Sometimes it’s through renting a tanker truck to provide clean water to all in need after a hurricane, weekly Bible studies, hosting Life Teen Haiti Summer Camp, walking with teens to school, or even just providing a quiet place to pray. God is calling the St. Thomas missionaries to Haiti and we’ve been blessed by the abundant blessings & glory He has shown us in this mission!

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Reclaiming the Culture

Jesus Wasn’t afraid to engage with the culture of his day.  He used examples from everyday life to teach the timeless truths of the Father, and to help those around him understand the nature of the Kingdom of God.

The content of Jesus’ teaching hasn’t changed for the last 2,000 years, but our language and cultural context has.  St. Thomas Aquinas is dedicated to communicating the timeless truth of the Gospel in a culturally relevant way, helping teens engage with, navigate, and, when necessary, confront culture where the conversations are taking place.

And as we do so, rather than allowing our youth to be buffeted about by the winds of a fickle culture, we equip and empower them to stand firm.  Now, when they take their places in their parishes, schools, and workplaces, they are ready to reclaim the culture.

In order to do everything that Lord calls us to do we need to be well trained and equipped.

20 teens to leadership training $20,000

Five days of leadership training take place at beautiful Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. Though it’s not a full week, the results of those five days will last forever. Invest in the future of the Church, our top juniors and seniors are invited to a life-changing week in the Ivy League atmosphere of Benedictine College. Each teen after receiving the training dedicates the next year to youth ministry.

5 Teen Interns part time for 1 year $48,000

Many of our teens battle between volunteering  and working.  The jobs that they are able to get are the same hours that our Ministry happens.  By providing an internship to them the church is able to receive ongoing help to reach new teens.  The teens are provided employment with essential office skills, work experience, and the ability to still grow in the faith.

For every $10 we are able to provide a teen with an hour of work and the church with help.

10 adult youth ministers to CYMC: $10,000

Life Teen’s Catholic Youth Ministry Training Convention is America’s premier event for everyone involved in parish youth ministry. It is the  practical, comprehensive youth ministry training that incorporates elements of a spiritual retreat into the training convention. Because youth ministry isn’t about what you know, it’s Who you know. Jesus!

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