Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

This program provides opportunities for children to grow in their faith through instruction in Catholic beliefs and Traditions, participation in prayer and an understanding of how to live their faith each day. Faith Formation is the best gift we can hand down to our children. At your child’s Baptism, each parent accepts the responsibility of training their child in the practice of the Faith. The Church teaches that the parent’s role in the formation of Christian values in their children is irreplaceable. Our program aims to assist in this responsibility of passing on the teachings of Jesus Christ revealed through His church. 

First Confession

First Communion

Faith formation

Kids Religious Eduction

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1st Confession Classes

Wednesdays Via Zoom
Toni Martinez Class - 2:30pm
Maura Jans Class - 2:00pm
Nancy Lovato Class  -  4:30pm
Mary Davidson Class  -  2:00pm

Thursday Via Zoom
Melissa Marcelli Class -  2:00pm

Sundays Via Zoom
Theresa Aguilera Class - 10:30am
Ida Seeber Class -  10:30am

1st Communion Classes

Monday Via Zoom
Nile Bakers Class - 4:30pm
Marguerite Gallegos Class - 4:30pm

Wednesdays Via Zoom
Nila Baker Class - 4:30pm
Marla Griffith Class -  2:30pm
Marguerite Class -  4:30 pm


Wednesdays Via Zoom
Amy Montoya Class -  6:00pm
Isaac Lovato Class -  3:00pm
K/1st Gr Class -  2:30
Antoinette Baca Class -  Wed. 3:45pm

CC: Frances McCachren Class -  4:00pm

Sr. Anne Abascal Class on Mon & Wed - 4:30pm

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