Purpose is a transformative approach to confirmation. This is not a sit down and get lectured to class, but a way to encounter Christ. We Focus on three big questions, “Why believe in God?”, “Why trust Jesus?” and “Why be a part of the Church?” Purpose is more than just a fill a box program. It is a whole new approach to sacramental preparation.




Our instructors approach each of these topic areas by raising the questions which teens must ask.
Tough questions, like:

  • Is God real?
  • Why is there Evil & Suffering in the World?
  • Why be Catholic?
  • Why tell my sins to a priest?
  • Why do I have to go to Mass?
  • Why did God Create me?
  • What is my Purpose?


What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a Gift from God that he wants to give us.  This indelible mark upon our soul empowers us to go out into the world and live the Great Commission.

When can youth start Confirmation?

Confirmation Prep can begin as early as the students Freshman Year.  They Can Start at anytime during high School.

My teen is very involved in school and/or sports how does this affect their Confirmation Prep?

Not a problem! Many of our teens are involved in extra activities and find that our program fits well within their lives. Register before the summer and you can start portions of Confirmation prep early, so you don’t have to worry about it during the busy school year.  Please feel free to discuss with Deacon Ed.

How much should I push my teenager to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation if he or she does not want to?

Confirmation must not be forced on a person who is rejecting it.  That said, insisting that your teen goes to class and participates is within your control. The only way they will know if they want to be Confirmed is to learn about it by attending ALL the classes and participating in the program.

Remember the more effort you put into it the more you will get out of it.

What can I do to help my teen in preparing for Confirmation?

Be personally committed to prayer.  Pray for them consistently, offer support and encouragement, and have regular contact with your teens confirmation sponsor and the director of Confirmation (Deacon Ed.). Invite them to go to Mass with you every Sunday, and go to Confession regularly. You should also plan to attend the Parent & teen Orientation the Tuesday after Labor Day at 7pm in the Church.

Your Program Sounds Great! How do I register?

You can register online using the form below or come in to the Parish office and fill out a form there.

I have Questions or would like to talk with someone?

Call Deacon Ed, the Youth director at 505-892-1511 ext. 104 or email.

What are some benefits of Confirmation Prep At St. Thomas Aquinas?

Our Program Consists of over 14 instructors to ensure small student to instructor ratio and yet still enable the teens to encounter the Catholic Community with their peers, while not getting lost in the shuffle.

Everything that we do within our program has a Purpose.  We have taken the fluff out and only do things that are important to your teens spiritual formation.