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November!!  This year is flying by, the weather has been so nice outside and the colors are awesome.

As we Get ready for the holidays, lets not forget a few things.

Everything that we do in youth ministry is done to support your teens growth in the faith.  We do not do things just to do them!

All teens during the months of November and December will need to accomplish their Mid-Year Interview.  This helps them to grow in their relationship with God.  We will give them the next steps to help them.  These can be In Person or online, you select which one.  Links to schedule these interview are listed in the Church Center App, Life Teen Orientation, & Purpose Orientation pages or directly

Dont till the end of the month to schedule your interview.

We have a bunch of Events next year.  These are awesome ways that your teen can experience the larger Church and grow in their faith life.  Space is limited on each event so don't wait.   We also wanted to list them early in order for you to save or fundraise for a portion the event.  All these events are located in the Signups section of the Church Center app, STA Website, or directly at

Those Teens attending Life Teen in order to receive a Sacrament need to have an attendance rate of 65%, in order to move on to the next step.  We will review this at the mid year interviews and will answer any other questions you may have.  

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities are important for all teens,  This is how we put our faith in action, not just talking about it.  All teens and their families are encouraged to get involved.  These are NOT just for those teens in Purpose Confirmation.  Opportunities are listed on the signups page.

Church Center Groups
Every Teen is loaded into a group that can be accessed via the Church Center App or the web  These groups will have resources/videos/Pdf etc..  for what we discussing during meetings,  this is to help them grow in their faith.  This also allows them to build community and have a safe space to discuss anything that they feel is necessary.  PARENTS are also loaded in their in Group too.  Feel free to utilize it.

Report an Absence
Parents please let us know when your teen is going to miss a meeting.  We are tracking any possible Covid or illness that may be happening within our ministry.   It is also nice to know that your teen is O.K. or if we need to pray for them.  This can be accessed by the Church Center App Home page or web

Have a Great Month!

God Bless,
Dcn Ed

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