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October is Here!!

The balloons are up and the air got a little cooler.  Every coffee shop is pushing their pumpkin spice flavors and youth ministry is starting to get into our natural rhythm.  September was a blast, we had awesome numbers at Life Teen and some wonderful events.  

This month (October) is dedicated to praying the rosary, (if you ever wanted to know how to pray the rosary check out this page, or for a refresher https://www.stanm.org/rosary).  This is a great time to start praying the rosary and to get ready for November, the month dedicated to the Poor Souls in Purgatory. We will finish the month of October and start November with the "Days of the Dead".  No not Dia de Los Muertos, Not Halloween.

The Days of the Dead are:
  • All Hallows' Eve: 31 October, the day on which we unofficially recall the realities of Hell and how to avoid it;  
  • All Saints Day, or All Hallows' Day: 1 November, the day on which we officially honor God's Saints of the Church Triumphant; (a Holy Day of Obligation)  and  
  • All Souls Day: 2 November, the day on which we officially commemorate and pray for all the faithful departed of the Church Suffering.

So What else is in this message?

Recap of September

So much happened!  Many wonderful blessings this last month,  just two many to write about,  So we will share some pictures.....

Mandatory Parent/Sponsor Meeting for Purpose Confirmation.

Parents and Sponsors of teens that are in Purpose (Confirmation) will have a mandatory meeting on October 4 at 7pm in the Church.  Your teen will go to their meeting as usual in the R.E. Building.  TEENS WILL NOT BE AT THE MEETING!

We will be discussing the upcoming retreat on Nov 5 to 7, the parents/sponsors role in the retreat and answer any questions that you may have.  

Summer 2022 - Launch Party

What?  We Just Finished Summer 2021?!?!  

Yep,  That's right!  Many of the bigger teen events require us to sign up by the end of October and we also like to give you time to save money, fundraise, etc..  

ON October 20, 2021 @ 7pm we will be having our Summer Launch Party to announce our summer events, answer any questions, and just enjoy this time.    These events will also open at this time on our signups page.  Many of the Events have only a limited number of spots.  All will allow you to sign up by providing a deposit, we will allow you to pay the full amount later.

Fundraising for all events will start in Nov.  

Oh!  We will also be announcing our trip to World Youth Day in Portugal in 2023!!  This Event is for Ages 16 to 36, so all of our teens will be able to apply.

What is Mandatory/Requirements?

“Holy Father, when do you get some free time?” a reporter asked St. John Paul II. It was a fair question. The pope’s routine included near-ceaseless prayer, writing, meetings, and reading. His reply? “All my time is free.”

I have been sharing this quote with the teens that keep asking me "What is Mandatory?  What is the bare minimum that I have to do?"  

I certainly understand that question and that many times different programs have so much fluff in them that doesn't matter, but that is not our program.  Everything that we do has a purpose, a lesson behind it and is intentional.  Yes, we do have minimums (the are listed on the welcome page, if you are prepping for Sacraments) but more importantly you should be wanting to attend not because you have to but because you want to.   This is one of lessons that you should understand at the end of the year (s).

Life Teen and Purpose is religious formation (not just education), we are forming you in your spirituality and habits to support that.  You are in control of your formation, you need to be able to communicate where you want to be at the end of the year and we will help you.

You have so many things going on, what does my teen need to attend?
Since every teen is registered in Life teen you are already signed up for all of them.  
Now the main event for Life Teen is on Sunday Nights at 7pm, everyone should be trying to make this night.  All other events are there to reinforce or enhance Life Teen's message.

What about Purpose - Confirmation?
Those that are in Purpose, their Primary focus needs to be attending meetings on Mondays at 7pm and attempting to attend on Sunday Nights at Life Teen.  

Remember the more effort you put into something the more you will get out of it.  This is just like exercising.  

Works of Mercy, for All not Just Purpose

When Catholics serve others, they give witness to Jesus Christ. As acts of love that help us care for the needs of others, the Works of Mercy are an opportunity for Catholics to give witness to Christ. Jesus entrusted his followers the responsibility of caring for others. One way that Catholics fulfill this responsibility is by performing the Works of Mercy.

Mercy is one of the fruits of charity, which enables us to show love and compassion to those who are suffering in any way, whether in mind, body, heart, or soul. The Works of Mercy are divided into two categories: The Corporal Works of Mercy (dealing with the body) and the Spiritual Works of Mercy (dealing with the mind, heart, and soul).

With that said... Works of Mercy are for all not just those preparing for Confirmation.  Everyone should be volunteering to give witness to Christ not because you have to.  

For Purpose Confirmation each teen needs a minimum of 30 acts that need to be pre-approved, these are listed on the sign ups page.  Parents may do 15 acts on behalf of their teen.  
This past month Teens had the opportunity to earn 17 acts, Parents had the opportunity to earn about 20.

Check the signups page to see the opportunities. 

Kick Back Wednesdays

“Country roads, take me hommmmmmmeeeeeee
To the place I belongggggg
St. Thomas, mountain mama
Take me home, country roads”

Dcn Ed making some lyric changes to John Denver’s Classic Song.

Going Sunday to Sunday is hard Y’all – you deserve a mid week break, from school, homework, chores, sports and all the stresses of life.  Take some quality time off to relax, recharge, and recuperate with your STAY family and friends.  Every Wednesday from 4 to 7pm.

Whether you come to our events every week, you come every once in a while, you live next door to the church, or you’re on the other side of the world, you are invited for Kick back Wednesdays! (as long as you’re a High school teen).Get out of the house, off the field, and be you!  From Twitch Streams to board games, foosball and movies, discussions on Life and God its time to get back to what you have been missing.

For those that would like to learn more about the Bible this is the day to attend, cuz we will be discussing the Sundays upcoming Readings if you want.

Memento Mori Party

On Oct 31 (Halloween) we will be having a Memento Mori Party. What is Memento Mori?

There is a long tradition of Memento Mori in Catholicism, and the saints constantly speak of the importance of meditating on the unavoidable fact of death. This exhortation is not out of a kind of macabre obsession or morbid fascination. Rather, the saints thought about death because it helped them live a better life.

Have your teen attend by dressing up as a skeleton.  Let us enjoy life and celebrate it while facing the truth that we will all die one day.  We will have games, prizes, the 2nd Gift box of the year, and much more.  Join us for this celebration!

Not Feeling Well? Going to Miss?

During this time of COVID,  it is important to stay healthy.  If you are not feeling well please stay home just fill out the Absence form.


There is not Cost to register or sign up for Life Teen and Purpose within our parish because we know of the importance for "Every teen to encounter Christ".  We are only able to do this because of the generosity of those Church Members that give every week by tithing.  Many of our Church Members go beyond their monthly tithe to give to our dynamic Youth Ministry.

If you or someone you knows would like to donate directly to our youth ministry, either one time or monthly (beyond your tithe)  please do so at https://staynm.churchcenter.com/giving.
Maybe you want to but something/donate items that we are in need of, please visit our Amazon begging list at https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3DQD7NWSCTB81?ref_=wl_share.

Give directly from your paycheck, before taxes.
Many employers offer that you can give to a nonprofit directly from your paycheck.  St. Thomas Aquinas youth Ministry (life teen) are on many of them.  

Thank you for helping teens to encounter Christ!!

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