Pre Summer Update - Life Teen / Confirmation

Life Teen Family,

How's your break going?  For the Core Team it has been nice but we miss all of you!  We miss talking with you and seeing all the great things that are going on in your life.  We miss hanging out on twitch streams and playing video games.  We miss praying with you, learning more about the faith and growing together spiritually.

Several of the Core just got back from the Catholic Youth Ministry Convention and got some great ideas for this next year!!  We are working behind the scenes planning, developing, and on self care until we kick off our summer session on July 11 for Life Teen.

During this time we will have Bagels & Bibles, and our new Unleashed: Mental Health.  Remember if you are signed up for Life Teen you are able to attend these meetings.  They Start Wed June 16.

So for the people scanning this email:

Wednesday June 16, 2021

6pm - Bagels & Bibles
7pm - Unleashed: Mental Health - Psyche

Life Teen Begins on July 11, 2021 @ 7pm - with our summer kickoff

Jcore meetings begin on Monday July 12, 2021 @7pm - All Confirmed teens can sign up  via this Link.

All our events can be found in the app or web at .  Our new calendar will be out on July 1!

Remember to follow us on social media to brighten your day and just to stay up to date.

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If you haven't signed up for the New Year of Youth Ministry (starts July 1, 2021) do it here.

Please Keep us in your prayers as we search for more volunteers for youth ministry.  It takes many volunteers to make this ministry happen and to help teens grow in their faith.  Prayers are also helpful as our core team takes a time to rest too.

God Bless,
Dcn Ed Leyba & The Core Team