Aug 13, 2020 - When Does Youth Ministry Start?

When Does Life Teen or Purpose - Confirmation begin?
Good Question!
  • Life Teen - Goes on all year long. No real beginning or End but
    • Parent and Teen Orientation is Sunday Sept 13, 2020 at 7pm
    • This is the perfect time to begin, also we currently have our drive in Movie Life Night, and Drive in XLT Night coming up (these are in person events)
  • Purpose - Confirmation - Entrance Ceremony & Orientation for parents AND teens is Tuesday Sept 8, 2020 at 7pm.
  • Summit - Will start at the End of Sept

Is it Online or In-Person?

Yes! You decide.  The last week of August a survey will go out to those that registered asking which option you would like to select. Whatever option you select will be how your teen is attending from Sept to December and cant be changed. We will re-evaulate any restrictions or changes in December.
Since things are changing constantly we wanted to wait till it becomes closer to September for you to make your decision.
Quick information for

  • Online 
    • all meetings will be online
    • They can attend Special Events (retreats, reflections, trips) in person if you determine it is safe.
    • Must be present at the scheduled time, they will not be recorded
    • Will be meeting in Micro groups
  • In Person
    • If our COVID-19 restrictions become more strict and we cant meet in person then they will meet online.
    • Face Masks, Social Distancing will be required.
    • Will be meeting in Micro groups

I'm afraid that me teen will get bored online?
So are we. We have been planning to try to elevate this issue. The meetings will not be the same as they were during the Spring Quarantine. We have been planning and organizing to help solve this problem with some very creative ways.
Some of the ways we are doing this is:
  • Purpose Confirmation Box
  • Life Teen Emmaus Bag.
  • STA Gamers Lab
  • A new Youtube show
  • and much more

What is the "Purpose Confirmation Box" and the "Life Teen Emmaus Bag"?
You Can think of it as a subscription Box/Bag service that you will receive monthly (as long as your attending). This will include all the supplies that you will need for the month. If you are attending online you can pick up at the 6pm Mass or schedule an appointment to pick up.

Is there a Cost to register for Life Teen or Confirmation? for the "Purpose Box" or the "Life Teen Emmaus Bag"?
No! St. Thomas Aquinas is a tithing parish that knows the importance of investing in the youth, in your teen. Youth Ministry is paid for by those parishioners that donate weekly to the church.
Can I donate or contribute to youth ministry? Yes! see the different ways below.

As a Parent How do I Help My Teen?
Parents can help us by:
  • Encouraging your teen
  • Reviewing the Parents Resources in the Purpose Box or the Life Teen Emmaus Bag.
    • Articles geared towards parents that help you grow in the subject that your teen is discussing during our meetings.
    • It will have Tips and Tricks for talking with your teens on the subjects we discuss
    • How to implement Christ's teachings in our lives.
  • Download the app and become familiar with it.

If you have any more questions please just send me an email or give me a phone Call. Please remember I am working offsite so please be patient.

We will have more information at the Entrance Ceremony for Confirmation and the Life Teen parent/teen Orientation.

We thank you for your flexibility as we enter into youth ministry this year. Please remember that your teens faith is very important and we are here for them and you!

Do not Hesitate to let us know of any problems with your teens attending or any other issues. Our Goal is for your teen to encounter Christ.

God Bless,
Dcn Ed. Leyba

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